3 Steps to Mastering Your Profession

3 Steps to Mastering Your Profession

Being the go to expert in your field requires more than just experience and leveraging your skills.  It starts from within coming from a champion mindset.  There are three steps to mastering your profession to add value to others and are as follows:

Mastering Your Inner Critic

People often go through their careers truly never fulfilling their full potential.  They may hit a series of plateaus and just sit there without every truly getting to the next level.  They know they are not where they want to be but yet do not know why or what is holding them back.  This is due to limited belief thinking deep in the subconscious mindset that stems back to childhood. Often, these limited beliefs are so subtle and not recognized at the conscious level as a problem.  However, the reality is that limited beliefs are accompanied by negative emotions and tied to the root cause, which is often a parent from childhood.  These negative emotions experienced are anger, shame, guilt, jealousy, and envy.  Many of us are taught problematic belief patterns by parents that meant well but yet had a negative impact.   For example, I am not smart enough so I am not qualified to be in that position.   My goal is to please people and sacrifice my own dreams because I desire to be liked by others.   These kind of beliefs that stem back from childhood from a parent of influence will trigger stress and anxiety with different situations and circumstances throughout your career and life.  Limited beliefs or self-talk habits develop over time since childhood to forge this experience over and over again despite the situation or circumstance.  It is not the situation or circumstance itself that triggers stress and anxiety but actual the thoughts itself about it.

When the root cause to your limited beliefs is not fully resolved it will repeat itself over and over again.  It is called managing the problem rather than operating within the solution.  Think about a manufacturing line.  It can still produce with bottlenecks or problems.  It just will not be as efficient, productive, offer the best quality, and produce as much revenue.  It is no different with people,  If we desire to be more efficient, productive, deliver higher quality, and generate more revenue, then we must operate within the solution instead of managing the problem by resolving the root cause to the main source.

The process to resolve the root cause starts with awareness first.   You must first know you are not where you desire to be at this time.  Next is acceptance.  Make a full commitment to accept where you are now and embrace the process to resolve the root cause and operate within the solution.   The key habits to establish for resolving the root cause during the acceptance stage is practicing daily mediation for 15 to 20 minutes a day and then journal your thoughts and feelings.  These two habits are critical to your success to resolve the root cause and then to operate within the solution.  They are to be conducted daily.  Over time with practice you will be able to become more present in the moment.  Being in the moment also allows the subconscious mindset to reveal the root cause to your conscious mind.  Writing down your thoughts without overthinking or analyzing them will allow you to see yourself in time from a 3rd part perspective to identify your limited beliefs.  Finally, the last step to resolving the root cause is to truly forgive the source (a parent in most cases) and not only for that person but also yourself.  This is about you.   Again, it should be note that the combination of mediation and journaling not only facilitates to resolve the root cause to your limited belief thinking but also is where the solution to your true purpose is found to implement going forward.   You will learn to go from limited to limitless beliefs.

Embrace Change & Implement Your Purpose

Magic happens when we come from our purpose.  We find our purpose or why in business when operating from the solution rather than managing the problem.   Succeeding in our profession requires we are truly serving that purpose.  Therefore, it is critical to sustainable success.  Your experience and strengths alone are not enough.  Without serving your purpose it will never stick long enough to experience what you are truly capable of doing in your profession.  This is part of the process to continue daily to work on yourself investing always with resources if required that will facilitate change necessary to grow into your better self.  Coming from your better self will empower others to do the same where more value is provided leading to a better world for all.

Develop & Implement a Specific Life/Business Strategy

Success in anything cannot be sustainable without a long term plan that is specific and time-oriented.  It cannot be vague like I want to be the best salesman and make a lot of money.  It has to contain action words like “I am” I will”.  Words like want or try imply no to little action to fulfill your goal.  They have to be specific like I am the best salesman in the automotive industry selling Audi sedans to high net worth individuals with incomes of $200K up.  I provide the best value and service and will sell 150 of the A4, A6, and A8s by July 2020 yielding an income of $250,000 per year.    Everyone has a different definition of success.  This has to be specific to your definition of success and your true purpose.

It should also be noted that your life and business goals are not separate but intertwined.  They have to be included together to manifest what you truly desire from your profession and personal life.  I only included the business portion about with mission statement as the example. You also have to be clearly specific and include your life goal as well here.  It may include freedom, balance, spending time with family, pursuing a hobby, etc.  Again, it has to be specific, clear, and precise to your true purpose to manifest itself into reality.  Your limitless thinking, strengths, experience, serving your purpose minus distractions will yield the goal you desire when you apply action and allow the universe to do its part.

The information stated above is just a tip of the iceberg here but will provide some of the key steps to master your profession and serve your purpose coming from the solution.  Make today you begin to pivot towards becoming your better self to add value to others.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem