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Detachment – Your Ticket to Freedom

People have been conditioned to be attached to the outcome of their desired goals and objectives.  However, the reality is that detachment is the best way to achieve goals and acquire material possessions.  It relinquishes our requirement or attachment to them.  It assures creativity and freedom. Attachment to the outcome brings on stress, fear, and feeling of insecurity.

Why is this case?  Keep reading below.

The ability to detach ourselves from material possessions brings a deep feeling of peace, security, and harmony.   Accumulating material things and looking to those objects will never bring security that is sustainable.  It simply will never bring true meaning to your life to fully embrace true security.  The feeling of security comes from within us and not from the outside through material things.   The ability to detach ourselves from the past sets us free,  It opens the door to limitless possibilities feeling secure every step of the way.  This is even through uncomfortable times in your life and business.

When we are attached to old ways or habits, this shuts out any room for improvement or creativity in your life and business.  Along the same lines, when we remain attached to our family history or heritage, and believe past conditions define our future, that belief limits personal growth and ability to enhance economic security.  The ability to detach ourselves from our limiting belief systems is never easy but the only way to achieve sustainable success at next level.   When we cling to our ideas and beliefs not being open minded, we allow no room to grow and prosper.  The lack of considering alternative ways, building walls around us, and always having to be right only starves us from having sustainable success.  Relationships, our own personal well-being, and business become stagnate or can experience more struggle rather than growth.

When we establish goals and desires, then attach rigid conditions to their outcomes, it leaves no room for serendipity.  However, coming from detachment, a goal with a nonjudgmental attitude opens us to new and greater opportunities.   Detachment from material possessions, the need to be always right, and to be in full control opens the door to spontaneity, creativity, freedom, and attracts new experiences our way that propel  us toward sustainable success.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem


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