How To Awaken Your Better Self

How To Awaken Your Better Self

We are already one month into the New Year.   It is during this month we should take time for contemplation.   The questions to be asked of yourself are as follows:

Where were you?

Where are you now?

Where do you like to be?

All of these questions you should ask about yourself and how they work towards your better self.    The most important fact to consider here is not being better than others but better than you used to be.  When looking at becoming your better self it is imperative you change your thoughts, actions, and words.  It brings about an incredible shift in your perception of how your life plays out day to day.  Best results are when all three are applied in synchronization.  You will experience amazing changes that give you a sense of peace and a better connection to yourself, loved ones, and clients.

So what is the best approach to start this process?  Make a list.   Write out what changes you want to make in 2017.  It will help keep you focused and motivated to your purpose.   It is important when following through with your list that you stop negativity.  You have to understand how to elevate yourself and intensify negative situations.   Here is a sample list below how you can stop or offset negativity:

  1. I will cultivate more patience.
  2. I will never take anything personally.
  3. I will eat healthy whole foods and exercise more frequently.
  4. I will tell and show by example how much I love my family.
  5. I will be in the moment by meditating at least 10 minutes or more daily.
  6. I will read two books each month.
  7. I will detach myself from television and any negative media.
  8. I will listen better intently to the fears, concerns, joys and happiness of my loved ones.
  9. I will be present and not feel guilty about the past.
  10. I will not project and feat about the future.
  11. I will enjoy, appreciate and acknowledge everything I do that enables others to make better choices and take positive steps.

So what is your list?  Take time to look deep to contemplate your life.  Grant yourself deeper access to your thoughts and feelings.  Let 2017 be your year to experience joy and peace.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem