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How to Be More Confident

Natural charm connects people and brings results. It is like a magnet that attracts what you desire.  This is having confidence in oneself.  However, not everyone is born with natural charm.  It requires work and consistency to be confident in order to achieve the results you desire.

The reason for why people lack confidence in the first place is always comparing us to others.  We gravitate toward our weaknesses and not our strengths when comparing ourselves to others.  We look at ourselves not seeing what we want to and not being grateful for what we have and the unique strengths we already have inside.

The solution to having more confidence is not to compare you to other people and just focus on our voice inside while standing up for ourselves.  Here are some tips to become more confident in you:

  1. Become more grateful

Look at what you are already good at and focus your energy on those talents you possess.  You will realize just how lucky you are to be given the opportunities that you have at this moment.

Learning the process to run a business? You’re fortunate as many people will never venture to go out on their own.

Worried your ideas will be overlooked? Consider yourself blessed as many never get this far.

Embarrassed that your house is not as big or luxurious as others? You have a home that keeps you warm and requires less debt.

You should always look for the right perspective and see your life from there.

  1. Just be YOU

People are drawn to those that are authentic and never care what people think about them.  Learn to be you and appreciate who you are inside.  Doing this not only helps your audience to be more comfortable around you.  Dress yourself to what clearly defines you.  In time, you will realize those you deem as confident are no different from you.  Learn to appreciate your strengths and shortcomings while practicing being authentic.  People will be attracted to the real you.  Those that do not are just not worth spending time with anyway.

  1. Speak with authority

I don’t mean speak down to people but speaking directly to them so they can clearly hear you.  Always keep eye contact with people while speaking and not looking at the floor.

Shy people usually talk really softly, timidly, and hesitantly, which makes it very hard for them to be heard (literally). So when people ask them to repeat themselves or when they show that they didn’t hear them.  Shy people will think it’s because their idea wasn’t good enough or that it sounds stupid. When in reality, they might just not have been heard.

Speak to people coming from your authentic self.  Watch them react differently to you.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem

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