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How to Create Your Reality

People take time each year to design their yearly vacations.   However, why not for designing your life for sustainable success and more freedom long term?  You will find below some ideas to becoming the master of your domain or creating the reality you desire.

The universe reflects what you put out there.  For example, if you are worrying about money or not able to get to the next level in business, this is a reflection of you being tuned into negative feelings such as anger, jealously, shame, or guilt.   This pattern will repeat itself to experience these negative feelings again and again.  While you cannot banish thoughts, you can pull yourself away from negative chatter with choice to be in the flow with it but not attached to it.  You have a choice to let it or not control you.  You can detach yourself from the outcome by going with the flow focused on the process in the present moment to design your life with divine joy and happiness.  Success is a process of being focused in the moment to experience it with clarity.   Despite setbacks or challenges, good things will evolve eventually to fulfill the reality you desire.

It is important not to allow your emotions to control you but to just be with them.  Emotions follow thoughts.  Negative thoughts that produce negative emotions lead to more of the same when we focus on the problem stemming from them.  It is important to just be in the flow or in the process to experience it but to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  When you operate from the solution rather than the effect of the cause of the problem, amazing things begin to happen that unfold to the reality you want to create.

Remember always, you are the creator to the reality you desire.  You must accept this and take responsibility to take ownership and commit to the process.  Every human being goes through disappointments or downturns with life and business.  You are not alone. It starts with looking at the stories you tell yourself.  Many times they are stories that come from your false self not true self.  You can change the script.  Meditate daily and always journal your thoughts without overthinking or analyzing them.  Write down how you truly feel as well following mediation.   In time, you will be able to look at your thoughts and feelings from a third party perspective. This will allow you to uncover the root cause to your mindset barriers or problem and then listen inwardly for the solution to reveal itself.  Next, it is time to truly resolve the root cause by forgiving the source.  Once the root cause to the problem is released, you can then be ready to receive the solution that also comes from within.  Commit to coming out of your comfort zone by doing something that is attainable to implement the change process.  It is through this change process you being to see your purpose toward creating your reality.

The art of being or in the flow during this process above is not easy but so worth it.   Accountability plays a major role with every step of the process to manifest the reality that serves your purpose.  Again, it is important to focus always on the process not the outcome.  It is giving up the control over the outcome.  People tend to want results immediately when focused on the outcome.  This leads to disappointment over and over again long term and is never sustainable.

One of my client’s came to me a year ago and desired to triple her income in three years.  She started off well focused on the process depicted above but within one year lost her job.  Her dream was to start her own coaching / consulting practice.  However, despite doing the process correctly she still worried about not having a steady paycheck.  She loved coaching and knew this was her purpose.  She re-committed to the process focused on her purpose and not to the outcome tied to money to make ends meet.  She placed her faith into the process by committing to actions she had control and allowing the universe to its part.  In time, while there were some rough patches she continued to be focused on her purpose and the universe did its part to provide enough so she could pay bills and thus reach her desired goal.  The money would be a byproduct of this process so the focus there would have had the opposite effect.   She would have experienced lack of rather than abundance of it.  She ended up achieving her goal in three years to triple her income.

Her story teaches us that in order to have the Universe assist us, we must step back and entrust that we will have our needs met without excessive effort. We must simply be in the flow of the moment. Also, we must also realize that what we view as a setback may be a blessing in disguise. You only need to follow through by responding to whatever occurs in a proactive manner.

Remember, we always have a choice.  She chose to take these steps toward fulfilling her purpose after being let go of a steady job.   When you follow your path with dedication and love, you stay true to your heart’s desire and ultimately design your life. You have free will that needs to be exercised, and decisions need to be made in order for your life’s destiny to unfold.

It’s never too late to become a creator. Make the choice today to create your reality.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem

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