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How to Grow From Your Past

Everyone goes through life with both wonderful and painful experiences on various levels.  These experiences consume your mental space.  This creates your past which current events can trigger feelings from the past to re-experience it over and over again.  As stated, we all have our up and down experiences that make up our past.  We all go through some degree of suffering that we need to transcend, and, you need to let go of your past so it does not play a part in creating new situations with same outcomes to re-experience negative feelings.  These feelings are anger, shame, guilt, jealously, envy, or any combination thereof.  No matter what feeling or combination of them you have been through, moving forward without that monkey on your back can make life more joyous and emotionally balanced.  Here are four ways to find balance and make peace with your past along with becoming a better person within the process.

  1. Accept & Be In The Flow

Acceptance is acknowledging what has happened in the past is done and that it cannot have any power over you unless you choose too.  It is accepting what is and to be in the flow going forward.  Daily meditation and journaling are important during this process as it programs your mindset to be in the moment.  When in the moment over time you will have clarity.  It is through clarity you can begin to see the root cause to your mindset barriers that were created in the past. Journaling, without overthinking or overanalyzing allows you see yourself from a third party perspective.   You will see what affected your life is easier to accept and then move forward.  For example, a man lacks self-confidence in his business as a result of being raised by overbearing father.  His adult life is affected by his past because he feels he was not accepted or good enough for his father.  With clarity and the ability to see your-self from a third party perspective, the root cause becomes clearer and easy to accept and let go.  He will see that his father being tough on him was not intended to be malicious, but in reality that is father was not confident within himself.  He had the same experience with his father.  It becomes a pattern in families. You learn to accept what was done was not purposely intended directly at you.  It makes the process easier to resolve the root cause and move forward within the solution.

  1. Forgive the Source to the Root Cause to Your Problem & Yourself

Forgiveness is a key part of letting go of your past, because if you’re still harboring negative feelings, it’s impossible to move forward. Forgiving doesn’t mean that whatever someone did to you were right or excusable; it’s more about allowing yourself to resolve the root cause to the source and be free of the weight of the negative feeling(s). You also need to forgive yourself for the mistakes you made so you can move forward within the solution rather from the problem.

  1. Grow from Your Experience

You always have a choice to let the past confine you or move forward and grow from it toward a better life.  Looking at your past, you have the opportunity to change your own future behavior, be more careful about who you decide to spend your time with, and decide what path you want your life to take, given your experiences. It allows you to grow by adopting more productive and healthier behaviors within the solution.  Let it be your teacher for growth toward your better self. Without the past weighing you down, you can more fully live your life and grow as a person. You will be more open to new experiences and people because you’ve been able to transform into someone who doesn’t let the past hold them back.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem


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