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How to Release Negative Energy

Negative energy can make its way into your life because it is the lowest vibrational energy that requires very little to no effort to absorb.  However, its effects can be exhausting on your mindset and body.

So what can cause negative energy to permeate through you?

It could an altercation with your boss or co-worker.  Perhaps, issues at home or being laid off unexpected from your job.  Even the most positive people experience negative energy now and then, and no matter how it comes in, it’s important to release negative energy as soon as possible. If you are feeling down, you can get back to the positive side by choice using the following suggestions below.

  1. Meditate & Journal

A daily ritual or habit of meditating at the theta wave level and then journaling your thoughts and feelings thereafter can in time change your energy from negative to positive on a consistent basis.   Meditation at the theta wave level requires you listen to a certain calm and soothing sound at 5 Hz.  There are many sources where you can download and obtain these audios for your meditation.

You can also share your thoughts and feelings with a trusted partner or friend.  Getting your feelings out in the open will certainly release negative energy from your mind and body, allowing you to feel less weighed down by it. In time, through this process you will find the root cause to your negative energy and once released the solution will reveal itself.   When talking to others, you just need someone who will listen to you, and that will make you feel less negative.

  1. Exert Yourself Physically

Workouts in the form of resistance training and cardio can certainly do wonders for your mood and         well-being, and help you release negative energy. Do some planks, pushups, or take yoga on a consistent basis and watch your stress and negative energy begin to melt away.  Your brain will release endorphins as you get your sweat on, and this also creates a feel-good chemical reaction in your body It is very hard to feel consumed by negativity when you’re reminded of how incredible your body is for being able to move.

  1. De-Clutter Your Environment

Amazing things happen, when you clear out things that no longer serve you from your home and mindset.  It brings on a calmer more peaceful state of being.  Resolving the root cause to your problem at the subconscious level provides clarity and room for the solution to reveal itself.  Cleaning out junk from your home frees up room to bring in positive energy.

  1. Breathe Deeply and Often

The moment you feel negativity entering your mind, take a long, deep breath, then release it slowly. You’ll be full of calming energy to combat the negative and you’ll be better equipped to process and release negative energy. Breathing keeps you rooted in the present and in your body, which helps you fight off anxiety, stress, and worries.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem

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