Long lasting results always come from CONTENT that goes below the surface, identifies ROOT CAUSES,
and provides steps to resolve these challenges when delivered from the HEART and is AUTHENTIC.




Long lasting results always come from content that goes below the surface, identifies “root causes”, and provides steps to resolve these challenges when delivered from the heart and is authentic.  Mix this with a little humor, storytelling, and making it interactive keeps the audience engaged with readiness to implement changes for better results.


If you are looking for permanent results from a gifted communicator and listener committed to delivering value then Chris Salem is ideal for your next event or conference.   Chris is highly authentic and speaks from the heart using personal and other transformational stories to create a long lasting impact toward effective change to audiences.


Chris’ content is original and conveys two sides of every topic allowing audiences to draw their own conclusion toward achieving their desired goals and objectives.  Each topic is customized around your event or conference theme and is designed for high impact toward change to create LONG-TERM RESULTS.


This customized experience will address the “root cause” that is holding the audience back from getting the results they desire and provide action steps necessary to move forward with sustainable solutions.  This includes keeping the audience accountable and the ability to sustain long-term results after the keynote or presentation is over.   It is about delivering exceptional VALUE that solves problems, implements positive change, and creates sustainable RESULTS in which Chris is 100% committed to each person and your organization’s success.

Here are some sample topics as follows:

Some Sample Clients include:

This is an industry where many times the content shared is aimed to sell something to the audience rather than truly educate or train you. Chris is dedicated to SERVING value rather than SELLING and works to keep you highly engaged and focused on RESULTS that matter.

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