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The Real Truth About Fear

Every human being has experienced fear and how it makes us feel.  However, fear is often regarded as a negative emotion.  In reality, it is a positive emotion, but we have taken it out of context.  Fear warns us of impending danger so we can make choices to keep safe.

The issue with fear is that we hold onto it long after it has served its purpose as a warning mechanism.  We overthink situations and turn fear into all kinds of related detrimental emotions from low self-esteem to stress.  When fear takes grip at deeper levels, it takes a conscious effort to release it.  You will find some key points to use fear for what is really is intended to do so you can move forward in the flow rather than from the problem.

When you feel fear, it is key to acknowledge it.  Be in the moment to know how it feels in your body. Where do you feel it the most in your body?   Next, sit quietly and again be in the moment.  Allow yourself to feel it in a nonjudgmental way.   What thoughts are involved?  Listen closely in the moment as to what message does this fear have for you.

Take steps to nurture yourself when experiencing fear like if it were your own child.  Treat your fear from love and positive emotions.  It is always a choice. Both meditation and journaling done daily help to get you centered and in the moment.  It will help you to nurture yourself from love and positive emotions when experiencing fear.  Understand that fear is not the truth.  It is really nothing but trying to be something.  It has only the power we give it.

Every one of us can recall a time in life when we felt supremely safe, secure, and loved.  Learn to draw from that place and replace negative feelings with positive loving feelings.   Love and fear are opposites so when coming from love you drive away fear.  Love is light and fear is dark.  When you let the light in, darkness disappears.

It is important to recognize that fear is just a warning tool.  We must acknowledge it, learn from it, and then let it go.  In doing so, we are on our way to achieving sustainable success in our lives and business.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem

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