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Why Seek Humor?

You have heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine”.   Laughter does far more than just bind people together culturally.  It has profound physical benefits.

A client of mine had endured several years to grief dealing with major health issues of her husband.   Before he passed on she took my suggestion of seeking and adding humor into her life where at the time only grief and despair existed.   She sought out comedies at the movie theater along with humor in books and online.  When she began to laugh more there was a dramatic shift with her attitude, energy, and things she was able to accomplish.  This was not possible before when neck high with grief and despair.

Humor is so important it should be a daily requirement for anyone seeking to have optimal health both physically and emotionally.  It should complement a healthy eating program, exercise, and adequate sleep for balanced wellness.  Humor can help people to forgo habits that do not serve them like eating unhealthy comfort foods and not exercising.  It boosts positive thoughts and energy that lead to adopting better habits and disciplines to enhance your wellness.

When you laugh it sets off a chain of positive physical and mental reactions.  There is dilation with your blood vessels and the lungs are able to take in more oxygen.  Your muscles relax more which leads to better digestion.    Your heart rate elevates and the brain produces neurotransmitters that trigger endorphins to feel good.   You can look at laughing through humor as a workout that enhances your emotional well-being which also triggers more likelihood to adopt healthier habits toward eating better and exercise as mentioned earlier.

So what are some benefits of laughing?   Here are some proven benefits for a healthier body, mind, and spirit:

  • Less Stress

Laughter suppresses the release of negative hormones produced by stress while boosting endorphins that make you feel good in a healthy way.

  • Boosts Brain Power

Humor has shown to improve cognitive brain functioning by activating all the parts of the brain at once.  Research from the College of William and Mary showed laughter induces “gamma” frequencies – a type of brain wave that helps with memory.

  • Eases Pain

Since laughter produces endorphins it acts like a pain killer.  It helps to offset pain in the body.

  • Better Connection with Family, Business Partners, and Friends

A well-timed joke can break the ice and make any social situation more comfortable and fun to be around.  It produces positive energy bringing more people together for better connections.

  • Live Longer

Laughter strengthens the cardiovascular system by elevating the heart.  It leads to less stress and anxiety which help to extend your life.

  • Strengthens the Immune System

The National Institute of Health research shows laughter boosts a natural killer cell that guards against tumors and helps to fight infections in the body by producing levels of infection-fighting antibodies.

It is your job to find a program daily that allows you to incorporate humor into your life.  Here are some suggestions below:

  • Take a laugh break a few times a day including evening – read funny comics, watch funny comedy show
  • Subscribe to funny sites on social media to give you quick access to something funny a few times a day. However, never let it interfere with quality time spent on income producing tasks.  Only at breaks.
  • Listen to funny podcasts in your car

So there you have it.   You have some ideas to incorporate more humor into your life.   Take advantage of humor and watch it take care of you.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem

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