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Your Vision Defines Your Greatness

Every person on this planet has a vision that dwells deep inside of us.  Some are fortunate to be in tune to it and do great things for themselves and others around them.  Some ignore this calling and deviate to someone else’s plan for them based on limited beliefs.

Your vision in its purest form defines your true self.  It is where your personal greatness resides to do good for others while fulfilling your calling from true self.  A better term is self-mastery.  In order to see your vision and bring forth in thought form, you must eradicate limited beliefs of who you thought you were, and embrace your true self – the self that is made from innate wisdom, power, and intelligence.  Your true self has the capability to achieve your highest potential and build a life from clear purpose.

Mediation and journaling play an important role with getting to the root cause of limited beliefs at subconscious level established in childhood.  When we have truly eradicated limited beliefs and find our true calling, we have the ability to align our vision with cosmic wisdom to bring forth our calling to fruition.  Please note this is a process and takes time.  The key is to meditate and journal daily coming from the solution toward your calling and listen intently to your inner guidance or what I like to term “inner champion”.  Act upon what it tells you.  It is a matter of taking one step at a time during this process.  The more positive energy you put forward toward your vision, the more it will grow and manifest itself.   You will be guided automatically to the right people, places, and situations to move forward toward your vision.

The vision growing within you is limitless.  It defines your highest level of true self to live and operate your business within self-mastery.  It is you that has the confidence to step forward with passion and take on your most challenging opportunities to continue self-mastery.  Make the decision today to seek your vision toward greatness.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem

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