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Healthy Selfishness is Good

The process to self-discovery takes time and effort.  It is not something that comes easily until we have learned to master our inner critic.  Those that feel time spent on our inner growth is selfish may want to think again.

We all must travel the inner and outer road to self-mastery in order to achieve balance and true power.   Focus on one side itself will not take us there.  The inner path is most difficult which explains why most gravitate to the outer side only.  The inner path addresses self-knowledge and conscious development.

Over the last few centuries, man has made significant advances with achieving the outer path.  We have invented wonderful gadgets, machines, computer networks, internet, and mobile technology.  However, we have only touched the surface when it comes to the inner path and knowing our true self.  Those that take the time to reflect and study their own emotions, beliefs, and personal goals may appear selfish to others around them.   Ask yourself these questions below.

Is it really selfish to spend time exploring your own potential?

Is it selfish to learn your own power and discover your highest possibilities?

Is it selfish to live fully being your authentic-self coming from your true purpose?

Is it selfish to be unaware of our deepest belief systems?

Is it healthy to live in inner darkness rather than inner light?

Think about it!  We cannot serve others fully or empower them unless we come from the healthy inner side or self-mastery.  We only truly forgive others when we have first forgiven ourselves.  We can only truly love others in a healthy way when we first love ourselves unconditionally.  We give authentic support, peace, and joy only when we bring them up from our own internal well of strength, serenity, and happiness.

We all have the ability through self-mastery to do more good onto others by knowing, forgiving, and loving ourselves.   Healthy selfishness improves the quality of life in our world and not just for us.  Therefore, in reality it is never truly selfish.

To your health & prosperity.

Christopher Salem

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