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How to Create a Prosperity Mindset

Everyone in the world is entitled to prosperity and abundance. However, it is never just handed to you.  In order to attract it, we have to change our beliefs and thoughts toward it.  We must focus not just what we do but how we see the world around us.

Our prosperity level is a direct correlation to our level of thinking.  For example, certain individuals may not feel content with their current profession.  When they complain about it on a consistent basis this aligns their energy with negativity.  It is negativity like this that further creates situations for these individuals to experience this feeling over and over again.   This negativity has powerful influence over us and those around us.   Therefore, people who often more positive can lose balance if around too much negativity on a consistent basis.

Do you subconsciously or consciously hold onto old beliefs that no do not serve you?  Ask yourself this important question.  Become aware of certain things you say that begin with “I can’t”, “I try”, “I am fearful”, “ I want”, and “I do not know how”.   Replace these words that bring forth prosperity, sufficiency, and self-worth such as “I will”, “I am”, and “I can” no matter the situation or setback.

Everyone is special and you have to know that from the core of your being.  A unique awareness dwells within you and flows through you like rivers to an ocean.  Life sides more with healing, growth, and success.   Know inner and outer prosperity is your right.  You just have to have the right beliefs and thoughts to grab it.  Center your thoughts on your blessings rather than on what you perceive as a lack of limitation.   Have faith but more importantly from within yourself.  Create conditions within your mind that support positive results and attract them into your experience.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem


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