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How to Have Gratitude Everyday

We just had thanksgiving and now heading into Christmas.  They say this is the time to be most thankful.  However, we should be thankful every day.  What stops us?  It is not being consistent and putting gratitude as a priority to practice every day so it becomes a routine habit.  It is like working out.  We have to put into practice daily.

Learning to be thankful every day changes our whole attitude and spirit how we look at ourselves, interact with others, and how we do business.  Here are five steps that when put into practice will shift your attitude toward gratitude.

  1. The Power of “Thank You”

These two words have tremendous power.  They show respect to someone that their actions are noticed and important.  Taking time to say thank you to someone from opening a door to making copies for your meeting goes a long way.  It is easy to overlook and take for granted.  Yet, a true thank-you with eye contact can go well beyond you. Expressing gratitude in this way creates a chain reaction that can empower others to do the same making an office environment thrive including your home life. The person being thanked will be more likely to show appreciation to other people in his or her life, leading to even more gratitude and thankfulness.

  1. Appreciate Being in the Moment

Where ever you are just take time to be in the moment.  Start right now.  Be thankful for the trees that provide you with oxygen to breathe. Appreciate the paved roads that allow you to drive to work each day.  Your business that provides you the means to buy things you require and enjoy. Stress and fear are minimized when we are in the moment.  Anxiety is reduced by not projecting in the future. This helps to reduce or eliminate procrastination.  Being in the moment expands our gratitude for life and opens new doors and opportunities we would otherwise not see without it.  .

  1. Take Care of Your Vessel

Your body is a machine that allows you to do so many things each day that we often take for granted.  The ability to see, hear, and breathe are just an example.  When we do not nourish our bodies with good clean nutrition and exercise then our bodies cannot function at optimal levels to perform the tasks required to live a prosperous life.  The more gratitude you have for your body, the better you will treat it, ensuring that you stay healthy and intact for as long as possible.

  1. Share Your Value

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Having gratitude for both is important.  The ability to share our strengths adds tremendous value to others we serve in our personal lives and business. Your knowledge in a particular area can empower someone to come into their own greatness.  Your craft in something can bring much joy to others that see the value from within.  Sharing is caring they say and when done daily you will appreciate your strengths more by inviting others to experience them.

  1. Show Interest in Others

We are one but with unique talents.  Show your appreciation for the people in your life by showing interest in their lives and the lives of their loved ones. People want to feel important and loved—it’s part of being human. If you take interest in the lives of your friends and loved ones, they will take a genuine interest in your return.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem

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