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How to Regain Your Confidence

Everyone at certain times in their business or personal life experiences doubt.  However, when this becomes consistent then there is an issue of lack of confidence.  If you have trouble making decisions or relying too often on other people’s opinions over yours then it is time to address your self –doubt issues.   Here are a few steps you can take to overcome self-doubt and regain your confidence.  Remember, you are the problem and your solution so start with taking ownership with acceptance.

  1. Stop Overthinking

Learn to be in the moment,.  Practice deep breathing exercises while meditating.  This is a practice and can be used as a reset button internally to bring you back into the moment for better clarity.  With clarity come solutions to issues and you begin to trust your gut feeling not requiring approval from others.  This offsets the issue of overthinking things.  .

  1. Stick to your gut decision

Overanalyzing is exhausting to yourself and others.  Learn to stop explaining your situation to others.  It just complicates the issue and causes more confusion.  Go with your gut and stick firmly to your decision whether it runs out to be right or wrong.   If wrong, then chalk it up as a mistake and move on.  It will not be the end of the world.

  1. Do not compare yourself to others  

Your life is your own and no one else.   Stop comparing yourself to others!   You can see what is working for others as reference but remember your life is a unique story requiring only you to steer the ship.  Daily meditation and taking your moral inventory is a great way to keep you on track here.

  1. Resolve the Root Cause to your emotional barriers 

A great way to establish positive habits, behaviors, and disciplines that best serve you is to resolve the root cause that triggers negative emotions that keep you in self-doubt.   When you release the root cause which usually comes from childhood you will begin to see the negative emotions you experience daily dissipate.  It is not to say you will never have them but going forward you will be able to move beyond them very quickly.  The solution also reveals itself through daily mediation and taking moral inventory to adopt healthier habits, behaviors, and disciplines that best serve you going forward.

  1. Make building confidence a routine

There is no such thing as a quick fix or solution when it comes to building confidence.  It is a process and requires time and patience.  Learn to enjoy the process and watch in time how you begin to build up your confidence, and manifest better situations into your life.  ”

  1. Set Goals for Yourself

According to, setting long-term goals is always a wise idea for overcoming self-doubt. However, setting short-terms goals for yourself will help you pile up the successes, which in turn can build your self-confidence.

You are the Master of your Inner Critic

Only you know what is best for you.  Never give that power to someone else.    When you learn how to overcome self-doubt, you’ll never feel the need to leave your fate in the hands of others or worry that the decisions you make are not right. You have your own best interests at heart, so you’re the best one to make the decisions that shape your life.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem

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