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How to Eliminate Blocks to Have Sustainable Success

Everything is energy.   This means you and everything around you is made up of energy.

Have you ever considered your energy field plays an important role with experiencing sustainable success?  Do you think that the thoughts you think, the words you say and the actions you take shape your energy?

You are just like a magnet.  Your energy can attract and repel while also being positive or negative. We can experience blocks from time to time even if being positive most of the time.

It is important to ask yourself if you are either attracting negative energy or experiencing blocks from positive things. If the answer is yes, then the time is right to balance your energy. You personally have what it takes to heal yourself to balance your energy to work in your favor.  Here are two ways to eliminate blocks to have sustainable success at the next level.

  1. Raise Your Energetic Vibration

Life has its up and downs just like energy.  When life is down, it can lead us to feel negative emotions such as fear, regret, anger, anxiety, guilt or shame. These emotions have a low-frequency vibration.  When we experience these emotions over a period of time, we attract things that are also at that same level. However, the same goes for positive energy. Therefore, we can change our energetic vibration by eliminating negative emotions by resolving the root cause to them.  This is a process but what it does is cleans the slate to pave the way for adopting positive, high-vibrating emotions like trust, acceptance, forgiveness, and understanding.

Negative thoughts will come and go quickly when you truly resolve the root cause to your emotional barriers.  This is done through daily mediation, awareness, forgiveness, and taking your moral inventory daily.   The more you practice and master this concept, the more your view of the world increases in a positive way.  You will allow the universe to bring good things into your life. The more you make a conscious effort to raise your energetic frequency, the easier it will certainly become.

  1. Use the Law of Attraction

Does this really work?  Yes, but it requires work as also a process. Everything in life you desire requires your part in addition to the universe.  If you want a better life that is free of drama, strife and negativity, then you not only have to believe you want it and deserve it, but you have to live as though it already exists. For instance, if you feel like the only relationships you’ve ever had have been negative and abusive, then you begin to think that’s all you deserve and all you can attract. You might say something like, “I’ll never have a loving, committed relationship.” It’s as though the universe hears you and sends you more of the same.

On the other hand, if you believe you deserve better than what you have received in the past, if you expect the best for yourself and truly believe it will happen, then it will. You are now inviting the universe to send positive, uplifting people into your life. In other words, whether you are feeling negative emotions or positive emotions, the universe will always respond by sending you more of the same. You have to truly believe that you deserve better. You have to say the words, express the emotions and do the work by taking positive steps towards making your world a more positive place.

The solution always resides in you as this is how the universe connects with you to do its part.  Resolving the root cause is essential to eliminate blocks that allow you to have sustainable success at the next level by adopting positive thoughts, habits, and disciplines to get you there.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem

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