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How to Follow Your Passion

Have you ever truly looked at yourself and asked if you were living someone else’s?  If so, then read on as this blog will address how to find your true passion.

Many people typically follow a common path like others.  Would it not be great if you followed your own unique purpose?  Life provides many choices and opportunities.  People sometimes are easily influenced to change direction from their unique true purpose.  These directions come at the insistence of well-meaning parents or friends at a time when we are young and very impressionable. Some advice is meant to place us on the path of least resistance so we fall in line and follow what is safe and common to most people.  Your journey to follow your passion may not be easy but so worth the process in the long run.

Did you know your childhood dreams are still relevant?   Yes, it does not matter what age you are currently at the moment.   When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you dream of being an actor or a chef?   Regardless of what you dreamed of doing as an adult, those passions are still alive and significant today.

It is never too late to follow your passion.  You just have to realistic to what you physically and mentally can endure to fulfil it or find something that is similar that best aligns with your current capabilities.  It just requires the courage to remember those dreams, and the determination to find out how to fit those passions into your day-to-day life.

How can I Find my Passion? 

First, it requires getting into a pattern of daily meditation that best fits you.  There are many varieties of mediation so find one that best suits you. It only requires 15 minutes per day.  Give yourself some time to adjust and get into the rhythm of mediation.  Next, keep a daily journal and sketch out an idea of what a perfect day in your life would be if you had no boundaries or responsibilities. This should take 5 minutes each day.  I realize that even the concept of 20 minutes of quiet time might seem like a daunting task, but you should make time for things that are truly important and discovering your passions should be a genuine priority.

Once you have determined your passion in time, allow yourself a moment before sleep to explore it a little more. Alterations of a dream do not make the dream diluted.  These changes make the dream more functional. Even a piece of a passion, when experienced, can be enough to fuel so much more inspiration in your life! These are moments that turn on your true being.  This is the essence of your true self!

As you continue with your journal, acknowledge the efforts you are making to find and fulfill your passion. This will establish discipline and the right habits to fulfil your calling.  The more effort you make toward your desires, the more the Universe will bring more passion into your life.

Your life is meant to live at full capacity.  The choice always starts and ends with you.  To fall in line with another person’s views of what is “best” for you is to deny the power and vision within you. Each person has a specific road to take and it should never be experienced as a reflection of someone else. Your spirit desires to explore and experience life. The endless passion that is life is waiting to embrace you.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem

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