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What is Really Important in Life?

Imagine if your life flashed before your eyes.  What would you see?

You may initially conclude your ego would focus on the momentous moments. However, I would be willing to bet that it would be the little things that crossed your path in life. It could be playing ball in the back yard with your friends as a kid. Another could be helping your next door neighbor in their yard rake leaves.

So, what is important in your life?  It is actually the accumulation of “little things” that can either leave us feeling stressed or happy. It comes down to choice and what you decide to feel.

We have all had days where we feel out of sorts.  This would not be like going through a divorce or being let go from a job but just a regular day where sometimes things do not go as planned for us. It could have been that you left your wallet in your desk at work or your car broke down on the highway.  We can choose which “little things” we pay attention to whether if they are stressful or happy. It is again what we choose and focus on.

We can create our own string of “little things” that will leave us feeling happy rather than stressed at the end of the day. This is a reminder to cherish the special little moments. Be in the moment more often to experience and appreciate the little things.  They add up over time to make life worthwhile to experience.  Spend time going for a brisk walk outside, share a joke with a friend, and look forward to doing the little things that give us and other pleasure.  We all require this and just make this world a happier place.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem

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