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Why Laughter is Good for Business

Does anyone over 45 remember “Benny Hill”?  The other night, I was watching a re-run of the “Benny Hill” comedy show and found myself laughing and enjoying the antics and jokes. Afterwards, I felt completely rejuvenated and in good spirits.  I felt compelled to take on any project with enthusiasm even though it was a Sunday.

There is no doubt that laughter is very good for us. When we laugh, our body releases endorphins that can reduce stress and enhance moods, but that’s only the beginning. Studies show that people who laugh a lot heal faster, feel better, and have fewer health issues such as lower inflammation in the body and blood pressure.

So, how does this all relate to being good for business?  Think about it!  When you feel good and have optimal wellness, your energy can sustain itself to be more productive and efficient. It also helps to align yourself to your passion and take massive action toward the results you desire. Finally, a good joke to a customer or prospect that makes them laugh lowers their guard, establishes a connection they like you, and can lead to more business with them.

Laughing at ourselves has a positive effect on us as well as those around us. When we laugh at our own mistakes, we lighten the load for everyone and give others the freedom to be themselves and make mistakes too. Sharing laughter nourishes our relationships, making us feel closer to and more comfortable with those we laugh with.

Laughter has the power to lift others up in times of difficulty which also includes business. It brings people together, reaffirms hope, and instills a feeling of community.

Laughter is even good for our appearance, as it helps relax our facial muscles. And any “laugh lines” that may come over the years give your face a friendlier and kinder appearance than scowling or frowning does.  A warm welcome smile on glowing appearance on your face establishes an instant connection in business and lays the groundwork for credibility and being trustworthy.

I hope you’ll take advantage of laughter’s many benefits by sharing a joke and having a good laugh with business associates.  But beware. Laughter is contagious. You could start an epidemic which is a good thing here.  Simply put, laughter is good for business.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem

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