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How To Understand & Pursue Your Life Path

We all have a life path.  Everyone has a purpose and must be co-created with the source – the universe.   So how do you find it?   You have to be willing to be open, learn, and come out of your comfort zone often to grow.   This process is not easy but necessary to fulfill and truly experience your purpose here and the value it can bring others.

It should be noted here that when you experience the same challenges over and over with different situations, it is a sign you are on the wrong path.  This can happen in all areas of your life, including business, relationships, family, friends, health, etc.    This affects the eight pillars of wellness to bring your overall wellness out of alignment.  Your emotions are probably all over the place too and you feel despair about most things in life. It’s a feeling in your gut and everything just feels heavy and draining.

When you experience these feelings it means you are not quite awake and in alignment with your life path yet. The good news is that your intuition is knocking on your door yearning for the change that comes with guidance.

Life is about passion, peace, and being in alignment with oneself.  It is meant to feel purposeful, connecting, loving and evolving.   This does not mean it will be this way every second of the day, week, or year.  However, when you live with purpose, you will feel this passion, peace, alignment and desire for the majority of the time.   It is never too late no matter what age you are to pursue and fulfill your true purpose.  As they say, sky’s the limit.  Remember, there are no limitations whatsoever!   Only you can limit yourself,   Take back your power and learn to master your mindset for greatness here.

Creating change or taking risks, when one aligns themselves with their life path, can sometimes put off family, friends or work colleagues.  Some might feel you are crazy for pursuing your passion.  Others might feel jealous or envious that you have plucked the courage to take the steps towards what you truly want in life (and they are not able too), and others just might simply judge you.  It is perfectly normal if any or all of these things happen. They are just some of the challenges that can motivate you and empower you in really owning your purpose and standing in your own power.

It takes guts to pursue your life purpose.   However, it is so worth the work and process going for it.  This process will teach you to set up healthy boundaries and not surround yourself with people who are not in line with your vision moving forward.   Always know that when you’re aligned with purpose, you’ll attract the right people into your life that will be supportive and of the same mindset. They will help you move to your next right step.

When you have alignment in your life then you will have peace.  It will be easier in this state to trust your own gut instinct or intuition, guiding you to your next right step.  Stepping into your life path always feels empowering, inspirational, motivational, fun and exciting.   Do not be afraid to get started!   There is a great feeling of adventure to go through this process even at the time you are not sure how to get there.  How to manifest & co-create is fun!

I have helped many clients come into their very own life & business path, whether that’s running their own business, changing careers, or making executive decisions with great success. The time is always now and the decision always must come from you.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem


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