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How to Turn your Passion into a Career

Have you ever asked yourself?   I feel compelled to create something of value and share with others.  If yes, you can turn this passion into profit or even a new career that serves your purpose.  How great would that be?

There is much to consider here but it always starts with if this idea serves your true purpose.  Before you pursue this idea it is best to also have a workable plan in place to make this come to fruition.  It will require you working on the side while working your job or on weekends.  Let’s look at how you can turn your passion into a career that has meaning and best resonates with your true purpose.  Below are some rules to consider before embarking on your passion for profit.

  1. Be the Expert in your niche

You should know your product or service in-depth and the market it serves.  It requires you know the benefits and how they align to the experiences people or businesses desire as an outcome.  Do it different by making it your own and how it aligns with their experience.  This requires patience and diligence to make it unique in your niche.

  1. Start Part Time

Work in your free time to focus intently on your venture taking off.   You will require your job to pay the bills and cash flow to pay for supplies. You can give up your nights and weekends at first. Don’t be afraid to really take the time to build—a little patience goes a long way! There’s no need to make a drastic change overnight. Just make sure your business doesn’t also interfere with your job. Maximize every free time you have toward your venture.

  1. Show it Works for Testimonials

The best way to get satisfied customers is to show them you already have satisfied customers. How do you do that with a new business? Offer a few prospects your services at no charge in exchange for their testimonials.   If they like your work, they’ll certainly share and provide rave reviews.  However, if they do not have a good experience, they at least will provide constructive criticism that leads to improvements.

  1. Create Your Online Presence

Use contextual content both with social media posts, video, and blogs that are of interest and engage your target audience.  This content should be a mix of some personal stories sharing your experience, light stuff, fun stuff, and info specific to your craft.  You can also offer something of value for FREE such as eBook in exchange for your target audience emails. Post constantly and often using social media to build your presence not specifically about you but also the content itself that you product and services speaks too.  That way, you have people to contact as your business grows.

  1. Be Authentic

People buy from people they like to feel comfortable with and this does not mean they have to personally know you.  If you’re likable and professional, people will want to do business with you.

  1. Learn From Others

It is smart to never re-invent the wheel but take what may have been done and make it your own and better than the rest. It is best to learn from others that have mastered their field you desire to play in.   Meet and study them. Get ideas and learn from their mistakes. Use your networking skills and also consider asking for a mentorship.

  1. Have Fun and Know this is a Process

Any new venture takes commitment and time to work.  Proceed knowing it is a process and have fun along the way even when making mistakes.  It is all part of success.  Jim Rohn said, the rewarding part of this journey is what you become in the process.

  1. Leverage for Success

Your business cannot sustain itself if you are the cook, bottle washer, and server.  Focus and enhance your strengths and leverage your weaknesses or areas you require help to those sources where they have expertise there.

  1. Track Your Expenses

Keep track of all your financials. You may not make a profit within the first year, but you should still know how much you’re spending, the moment you break-even, and even more important, the moment you turn a profit.  It is best to pass this onto a professional if this is an area of weakness.  However, you should.

  1. Commit 100% to Your Success

Your faith in your abilities and hard work will lead to your success. However, it requires your thoughts, words, and actions are congruently working together.  You can envision yourself being successful even when you aren’t there yet. What does success look and feel like to you? How will turning your passion into profit change your life for the better? If you believe that you have the ability to do great things, you certainly will!

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem


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