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How Meditation & Journaling Together Can Change Your Life and Business

Perhaps, you have given some thought that mediation & journaling may have positive impact on your life.  Did you ever consider both for your business?

It is important to note that how your live your life has direct impact on your business long term and vice versa.  They should be treated as one as when in alignment sustainable success is achievable across every aspect of your life.

Meditation and keeping a journal is an ideal way to get in touch with you.  Mediation in a quiet spot anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes a day will become a habit in time to keep you in the moment.  This is where stress and fear is offset by not operating in the past and reducing anxiety not projecting into the future.  Journaling using a pen to write down your thoughts immediately after meditation is free personal development to ,look at yourself from a third party perspective.  This means writing down what comes to mind and how you feel without over analyzing, over thinking, or projecting your thoughts. The combination of doing both daily until it becomes a habit can create positive changes in your mental health.  This has positive effect on your overall wellness which leads to increase in production, efficiency, and income in business.

Mediation and journaling allow one in time to recognize the mindset barriers that stem from the past.  The barriers are often not conscious to us and cause us to repeat patterns in our lives and business that do not serve us for sustainable success.  Both can help you process and overcome your past by giving you an outlet to contemplate, understand and analyze situations that still hold you back. Whether you’re working through a particularly rough breakup, a strained relationship with a family member or an inner demon that won’t let up, writing down your thoughts, or even directing your entries toward the person as if they are the one you’re writing to can be both freeing and transformative.

When the problem is revealed from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind, it is then one can also see the solution right in front of them.  These two practices working in tandem allow us to operate within the solution by first resolving the root cause of the problem.  It is like removing bottlenecks within a manufacturing process to increase efficiency with production thus increasing revenue.

So, ask yourself again.  Do you desire to create a life and business of prosperity?   Use meditation and journaling to see the bigger picture by recognizing the opportunities all around you.  Write about what you truly desire. The more you focus on whatever it is you desire to manifest in your life, the closer you will also be to accomplishing it. Your journal will give you the space to envision a plan of action, work through obstacles that might be standing in your way, and anticipate some of the things you might need to work on before your ideal life can come to fruition.

Finally, mediation and journaling help you be thankful for your current situation and to appreciate the experience to where you desire to go.  Therefore, you should use your journal to ruminate on all the wonderful aspects of your existence and allow yourself to really focus on how rich your life truly is right now. The more grateful you are, the happier you’ll certainly become. This newfound sense of joy will permeate every part of your daily life, enriching your outlook and those of the people around you.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem

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