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How Can Looking Inward Change Your Business

Most people who experience burnout or lack of motivation look at a vacation as a way to recharge their batteries.  It does help but the vacation itself only provides a short term solution and one that is not sustainable.  Do you have the resources and time to take vacations once a month?  The ability to go inward gives a person the opportunity any- time and any-place to find balance is the key for sustainable success in their business and personal life.  So how do you know when to go inward and get away from the outside world?  Here are a few signs to know when the time is right:

  1. Your Outlook On Business Is Negative

When your outlook on business turns from positive to negative, this is a signal for burnout.  This could be due to unforeseen circumstances that have affected your business. It has created stress and anxiety as your mindset races between the past and future.  Whatever the reason, it’s worth it to find the source and then work on overcoming your negative feelings. While it’s normal and natural to have negative thoughts and feelings from time to time, chronic negativity can be bad for business and take its toll on your important business relationships.

  1. You Are Operating In The Effect Of The Cause Of Your Problem Stemming From The Past

The past is where the root cause lies that creates situation after situation ongoing to re-experience the negative emotion(s).  It can persist for many years and decades.  If you can’t seem to break free from something you experienced in the recent (or distant) past, use your inward journey to go back in time. Try to understand what occurred—not as a means of wishing things could be different but as a way to glean a life lesson or a new outlook from it. The most important part of this process is to determine the real true root cause and forgive its source. Daily meditation and taking your mind inventory (journaling) are extremely important part of the process to resolve the root cause in order to eliminate the problem and thus operate in the solution.  You have truly forgiven this source when negative feelings triggered from the emotion just come and go.  They no longer linger from trigger events once resolved at the root.  It is important to note that we repeat what we do not resolve.  The solution is going inward to resolve the root cause, the problem at its core and then find the solution that best supports you for sustainable success going forward.

  1. You Have Lost Your Motivation 

Lack of motivation is a result of not going inward as depicted below.  It also means you are operating from the effect of the cause of the problem rather from the solution. It’s easy to lose your motivation as rough patches and obstacles get in your way. However, rather than giving up, even if that’s what you really want to do, go inward to regain your resolve. Find the problem at its root and truly release it.  This is a great way to regain sustainable motivation for your business. 

  1. You Are Unfulfilled 

We can all experience the feeling of being unfulfilled in our business.  However, if left unchecked, it can have negative consequences on our business.  Turning inward can help uncover what it is that’s falling short of your needs and help guide you toward ways you can regain fulfillment. Use your inward journey to practice conversations that will help remedy these situations.

  1. You Feel Stuck

Sometimes people just feel off without knowing the reason for it.  It does not matter why you feel stuck but just know it is a result of operating in the effect of the cause of the problem.  Use the process briefly described under the 2nd sign to go from stuck to unstuck.  Deep breathing exercises can guide you toward the root of the issue. Set aside some time to go inward and just see what comes up. You just might surprise yourself with what you uncover.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem

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