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The Impact of Giving & Receiving

How would you like to enjoy all that prosperity and abundance life has to offer?  It is possible when you expand your experience of giving.

The world we live in operates through the universal law of cause and effect.  This means nothing ever stands still.  Life is a constant flow of energy that goes through us and circulates to everything and everybody in the world, then returns to us.  Your relationships with family, friends, and co-workers constantly revolve in a circle of giving and receiving.

The energy flow of give and take affects everything around you from your career, wellness, family, and even the amount of money you make.   Life is about balance and that includes your business as well.  If you stop giving to one area of your life, be it knowledge, healthy foods, proper rest, financial support, and love, that part of your life suffers and thus returns very little back to you.  What is the result?  You have blocked the energy flow or circulation to return back to you.  It becomes stagnant.

Giving and receiving forms a circle and a circle has no end.  For each area of our lives to thrive and grow, we have to give freely and receive with gratitude.  Begin the process of circulation by giving what you most want to receive.  Do you want to receive more abundance in the form of money?  Give what you can with kind intentions, and with no thought of return.   Do you desire more appreciation from others?  Give honest compliments and attention to others by doing unexpected favors.

Mastering the art of giving and receiving will give you in time the confidence to know what you send out will return to you.  Give for the sake of giving, and your life and business will overflow with abundance and prosperity.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem

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