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The Universe Has a Plan for You

Is nothing going your way? Do you feel as though you hit a roadblock at every turn? You may have lost a job or business has experienced several setbacks.  This has happened to me in the past and it took a lot of time and meditation to realize the Universe had a different plan for me. Before this realization, I had to accept where I was at despite the enormous challenges and have faith in myself and the universe that everything would come together.  Learning to trust the universe was a difficult process but in hindsight

It should be noted that there is a meaning behind your perceived failures and bad misfortune. Sometimes, when we surrender and tell the Universe that we trust it to take us to a new place, miraculous things happen. They might not happen as quickly or as smoothly as we’d like, but the more you believe and trust in the process, the solution to your hardships materializes.  You will see the light at the end of the tunnel of your suffering and frustration and despair. That light will get bigger and bigger until it surrounds you and bringing good luck for you. Let the Universe rearrange your life!

The Universe Rearranges

These days I lead a very different life to the one that I lived before I got sick and before things crashed around me one by one. The Universe has taken me to a completely new place, but I am really comfortable with it and find it fulfilling. You can feel the same way too if you follow the following tips:

  1. Accept.This is your current situation. You have tried to change it and can’t, so now accept that this is your reality for the time being. Accept that it is temporary.
  2. Grieve.You have lost things that you had, or lost opportunities that you desperately wanted. Allow yourself to grieve for what was and what might have been.
  3. Ask for Guidance.You may not see a way out of your current circumstances, but by asking the Universe, your guides and angels, and your higher power to help you, you can start to trust. Ask in your head, out loud, or in writing. The Universe will listen.
  4. Ask for Signs.This is a powerful step because it helps you realize you’re not letting go for no reason. I saw signs in number patterns, and I was also made comfortable by orbs, finding feathers, and having prophetic dreams.
  5. Do not Compare Yourself to Others.If you compare your own life to the life of other people, you will more than likely steer off your destiny path. The path that you may be taken on might not be glamorous (not at first or not at all) but it is important that you surrender to it completely. Comparing your own success to the success of other people will spoil this process. Spiritual success cannot be measured against material success. One day, you might have both, but now isn’t necessarily the time.
  6. Enjoy your Life.You are at the beginning of a new and exciting journey, and you have many blessings ahead of you. The Universe loves you and has a plan for you. Be brave enough to surrender and take the first step today!

Where will the universe take you?

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem

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