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Time to Make a Change

When is the best time to make a change?  There is never an ideal time except for the present moment.  The answer is now.  It is fear that keeps us from making a change, even when we know it is best for us. Here are four feelings that should tell you it’s time to make a change in your life and business.

  1. Feeling Stuck 

If you’ve been in the same relationship, same job, or same anything for so long it feels unfulfilling, it might be time for a change. Often, we stay stuck because we are more comfortable being unhappy than we are facing the uncertainty of trying something new. We know what to expect, even if it’s not satisfying. However, this feeling is there to guide you toward making a change. If you feel stuck, you most certainly can get unstuck by trying a different approach to whatever problem is making you feel like you’re standing still.

  1. Feeling Uninspired

The feeling of uninspired means the things that once filled you up and made you excited are no longer provoking those positive feelings. Instead, they make you feel bored or apathetic—two things we allow ourselves to feel far too often. Most people know that inspiration and creativity are important for their happiness, but they don’t value them enough to make a change. Feeling uninspired is a great indicator that it’s time to try something new that might evoke happiness in you.

  1. Experiencing a Drastic Life Change

Sometimes change happens when we least expect or want it to. When drastic life changes happen, we almost always find them shocking. If you have recently lost something, like a job or a loved one, you’re experiencing a drastic life change. These can make you unsure of your next best steps and can even make it hard to see your own future without whatever or whoever left you. Though painful, sometimes the best way to heal or deal with these changes is to make a change with a fresh start.

  1. Ready to Move On

If you’ve been living in the past or holding onto something that has been gone for some time, you might be ready to move forward. The idea of moving on could sound exciting or rejuvenating. We all know that taking the first step is sometimes hard, so even if you’re ready, you might be hesitant to begin the process of moving on. That’s okay. Recognizing this feeling means you’re ready. Trust your gut when you make a change; it’ll get you through.

If you can recognize one of these four feelings within yourself but you haven’t put a plan together for making the change you need, I want you to first know that you are not alone. Again, the reason we resist change is that it can sometimes be scary:

  • Reviving your confidence in your ability to make a move
  • Helping you determine what the next best step is
  • Encouraging you to say goodbye and cut ties with any person or idea that no longer serves you


This is not an exhaustive list, so if you have specific needs, please feel free to reach out so we can better answer your question and come up with a plan to help you move forward.

Everyone deserves a fresh new start when things aren’t serving them well. It’s time for you to feel excitement again and make a change!

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem

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