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What To Do With Too Many Choices?

Do you feel like you have too many choices?  You may be asking yourself this is a good thing but why is it so overwhelming.   Do you see so many possibilities that it’s impossible to decide?  If the answer is yes this means your vibrational energy is high and your ability to manifest is stronger than you may think.  So, how do you stay in control over them and not become overwhelmed?

The answer is schedule some quiet time with you.  Set an actual appointment with you to determine which choices are worth pursuing and others leaving at the door.  It is important to be specific on time such as one hour.  In addition, it is equally important to find a quiet location so you can remain focused during this time to determine the choices best for you.  When your appointment begins, go to your place of quiet meditation.   One hour may seem like a long time to conduct this process but sure beats carrying uncertainty 24 hours a day.   The route of indecision and uncertainty is far more exhausting to your state of mind.

After mediating, it is important to have a pen and paper nearby to write down what comes to mind following your session.  This is very important to narrow down your possibilities.  When you are mindful it makes this process easier.  The process of mediation and journaling has powerful effects to aligning you to the right choices that serve your purpose.   Below you will find a step by step process that works best to align the best choices to your purpose.

  1. Start Mediation by Breathing Deeply for Several Minutes 

Practicing the art of breathing deeply allows you to calm your mind and be present in the moment.  Focus your mind on a certain world such as Peace.  It takes practice and if your mind wanders just bring yourself to a word of choice to regain focus..

  1. Write Down Your Different Choices

Do not hesitate to write whatever comes to mind!  Just write it down!  Your subconscious mind will reveal valuable insight to choices that truly serve your purpose. It is important to not overthink and overanalyze these thoughts.  Just write them down as they come following your mediation session!

  1. Eliminate Anything That is a Definite No

Writing everything down as it comes from mediation allows you to see your choices from a third party perspective.   It allows you to have more clarity to easily eliminate choices that are a definite no and then narrow other choices down further to what best serves you.  Until you see it on paper, you might not know that something is a waste of your time to consider. Again, you need to clear the debris so you don’t have to waste any more of your mental energy.

  1. Weigh the Pros and Cons 

Take what’s left on your list and weigh the pros and cons. Ask yourself what works and what doesn’t work. How will each choice impact your current life and business? This activity will help you to make swift decisive decisions or at the very least eliminate more choices.

  1. Follow Your Heart

Clarity brings awareness. This awareness allows you to follow your propose which comes from the heart.  Focus again if required on deep breathing to get back into the moment to verify what choice(s) are best to move forward.

  1. Breathe, Acknowledge, and Accept

At this point you may know what you want.  Next, be decisive with your decision and move forward with massive action. It is important to accept your decision and commit to it going forward.

There will always be infinite choices in every moment of your life and business. You are always the captain of your ship.  Learn to become grounded and be focused in the moment.  The ability to have more clarity, be more decisive, and then follow through with massive action to the choices that best serve you will change the quality of your life and business.  Start today to take control back over your choices and go within to lead you to a better life and business.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem

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