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Why Living Consciously Leads to Success

Life and business are about making choices.  We all have the choice to live consciously or unconsciously.  When we choose to operate from a place of consciousness, we come from a position of power.  We approach each day with proactive energy and enjoy it to its fullest content.  When we choose to operate unconsciously, we then allow life to happen to us and react to it.  In turn, instead of learning from our problems, we push them away.  This is called the root cause to the source that many people choose to manage their life and business within the problem rather than from the solution.  Then we wonder why even under different situations that the problem keeps appearing in our lives.

The ultimate life process has a role for everything and everyone in this world.  Each of us has unique talents, and a unique way to express it.  We are designed to create our potential and then take massive action to achieve it.  In doing so, we fulfill our own goals and serve others around us.

When we look at life from a view of our potential, we then see the urgency of purpose.  Each day creates new meaning.  Instead of rushing through daily routines with a just – get – it – done attitude, we view each situation as a learning opportunity.  Our decisions come from our true self or core, a non-judgemental “knowing” that lies deep inside of us.

When you choose to live consciously, you begin to live your true purpose and transform your life.  You will realize that you are more than you thought you were – more than your background, more than your education, and more than what you currently do for work.  Make the choice to carry out your life from the knowledge that you operate within the context of a greater plan.

Know that every hour, every day, and every week, we can choose how we will live.  When we come from an inner place of peace, power, and consciousness, we bring an entirely new intention to our lives.   We rise above personal limitations and realize our lives can be exciting expressions of success.

To your health & prosperity,

Christopher Salem

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